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The Flea is Mobile!

7 Noviembre 2013

For tablets and smartphones Android.

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A sample

January 21th, 2011

QQ#2 "The Flea"

January the 3rd, 2011

Hello. Happy New Year 2011! This is The Flea's Year according to Mandanga's Calendar!

Since the 1-1-11 in the website of «QQ#2 "The Flea"» you can find all about the game: you can free download it in demo mode or buy it if you want to complete all its levels.

It's already here

December 31th, 2010

The Return

Paco Suárez
July 22nd, 2010

It's back. It is she, or he? The jumping alien, aka The Flea, managed to escape from planet Onion7 and has come back to continue its odyssey.

And this time it's landed up in a much bigger and dangerous place. No less a planet than the Earth! Here it's not about leaving just a little cave, here it's about travelling across countless places full of enemies, and even some friends.

But this time it'll be equipped with a complete arsenal of defensive tools -destructive, constructive, all kinds of things!

The proof is in the pudding

We're working hard to get the game ready before the end of this year. Here you are a sample video to whet your appetite. There are still a lot of things to polish up, and you'll see more samples in different development states.

The graphic design is being made by Juan Gargallo, a young hope who, with this work, is taking his first steps in the world of video games creation, and there is incredible success in store for him. In the design of the settings, he's being assisted by veteran Juanjo Redondo.

We hope you'll enjoy it.


Paco Suárez
June 29th, 2010

Where we come from

Some not so young people will remember me as one of those crazy people who, in the eighties, created the first games for personal computers.

It is my honour to be considered as the creator of the first Spanish videogame. It happened in 1982 and it was called The Flea. It was designed to be run in a Sinclair ZX81 (8-bit processor, 4 MHz, 1 kilobyte memory, expandable to 16KB). It consisted of a humble asterisk which had to be skillfully drived to get it out of the hole where it had fallen.

A few years later, I joined other four crazy people and we founded one of the first development studios in Spain. It was Ópera Soft, which some will nostalgically remember as the architect of cool, addictive and challenging works, such as 'Goody', 'Dr Livingstone, I presume' or 'The Abeey of Crime'.

Where we are going to

Those times went by and, for some reasons that are beside the point, Ópera Soft passed into history, too. I devoted myself to other technological subjects and twenty-five years later I am joining other four guys who are no so crazy, since we have learnt lots of things over these years, in order to try to do what we enjoy the most.

We have created a new interactive entertainment development studio called Mandanga Games. We hope to offer you all a lot of fun and sleepless nights for the next years (or decades, who knows!).

The first launch is being plotted at the moment, and we hope it'll be on your screens before the end of this year.

Are we alone in the galaxie?

More details coming soon.


Paco Suárez
June 29th, 2010

I would like to mention here some people who are not involved in this project, but who have made it possible with their support and comments:

  • Hernán Castillo. With him and over the past two years, as a member of the staff of his company, Revistrónic, I have 're-learnt' much of what I needed to know to understand what this industry is like at the moment.
  • Guillermo García Carsí. Highly talented artist who, with his comments and ideas, has provided great encouragement. I hope to see him develop his own games some day.
  • Gonzo Suárez. A friend and an old disciple (as he declares himself to be), who has always been ready to fight against all the odds and has hosted so many meetings.
  • Paco Portalo. My first colleague in the development team, who collaborated with me on the implementation of 'Bugaboo', The Flea of the Spectrum.
  • Ópera Soft colleagues. Because we still have a good time seeing each other whenever we can.