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  • High resolution.
  • Wide screen.
  • Zoom.
  • Easy to play, difficult to master, guaranteed fun.
  • Keyboard, mouse or gamepad control, at your choice.
  • Quick loading and exit of the game. You can play when you like, without waiting time, and then go back to work immediately.
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  • Who is QQ 2? We do not know for sure. While certainly not of this planet.
  • It seems that is not its first time here. For its great leaps earned the nickname "The Flea".
  • We believe that was passing through here and had the misfortune to fall into a pit. Now he (or is it a she?) wants to leave to go home, but it is not easy. Help him! (or her)
  • Get to the sensitive controls of your computer and guide The Flea through caves, tunnels, ominous mechanical rooms, wet sewers and large mines.
  • Test your skill and ingenuity.
  • Avoid falling into traps or being captured by hungry critters.
  • Find the keys that will clear the way.
  • Use the tools that you will encounter.
  • Find your way out.
  • It has a leathery shell, so do not worry about the beating he takes, they are fun for him (or her). Take advantage of rebounds to reach remote places
  • Do not despair! Many have succeeded and you're not going to be less.